Located at the very heart of the UK, at the premier National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, The ACR Show is the ONLY national exhibition for the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, heating and heat pump sectors.

Besides a fantastic line up of exhibitors showcasing the latest technologies, will be an informative and topical seminar programme in three main seminar theatres:

  • New! Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Theatre
  • New! Refrigeration & Cooling Theatre
  • New! Training & Careers Theatre, sponsored by Toshiba Carrier

Despite extreme weather conditions affecting many parts of the country, The ACR Show 2014 attracted 2,492* unique visitors – all buyers, contractors, installers and end-users who braved the journey to see new technologies and hear from the industry’s top experts.

Sales & Sponsorship Manager Karena Cooper comments: “We took 30% more bookings at the close of the 2014 event than in 2012, a clear indication that we are listening to and meeting the needs of the industry. To be sure of the best location, companies are advised book now.”

* Sourced from QRS registration


ACR Show Countdown - 16-18 FEBRUARY 2016



The concept of refrigeration has been around for thousands of years in terms of food preservation. However, in the last 100 years it has gone through revolutionary reinvention with compact, self-contained machines in every home. Thousands of temperature controlled vehicles and containers can be seen on the roads and rails, and not just for food retail. From breweries to hospitals, and data centres to ice rinks, refrigeration plays a part in every person’s life, whether or not they know it.

However, it is also a notoriously energy hungry, ozone-depleting sector, with the humble domestic refrigerator claiming second place in the highest consumption of energy in the home stakes, in the early 2000s. Concerns for the ozone layer as well as dwindling fossil fuels has prompted much debate and generated legislative drivers to save energy and lower GWPs.

From variable load compressors to low GWP refrigerants, increasingly efficient products are coming onto the market, each better than the last.

Visitors to the show can expect to see the very latest innovations and be kept up to date with the latest legislation and trends. Experts will also be on hand to discuss CO2 and ammonia systems as well as the growing pool of other low GWP refrigerants.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps is arguably the fastest evolving area within HVACR. Where once heating and cooling were regarded as entirely different sectors, the evolution of the heat pump is quickly drawing the two sectors closer.

Heat pumps are generally regarded as high efficiency products, and with legislation driving HVACR to reduce energy consumption across the board, this versatile sector is a crucial element in bringing efficiencies into both air conditioning and refrigeration.

As well as becoming a popular solution to rising energy bills, commercial properties are realising the opportunity presented by heat pumps which the Department of Climate and Energy Change has identified as central to the future of energy efficient heating technology.

It is an exciting time for both the acr and the commercial heating sectors as needs that span both look to heat pump manufacturers to provide cost-effective one-stop solutions. Many heat pump cooling solutions also include heat recovery technology to maximise efficiency and improve ‘green’ credentials.


A merging of technologies in the heating and cooling markets has resulted The ACR show 2016 expanding to include the heating market. Key players in a wide range or heating systems including boilers, renewable heating, CHP, underfloor heating among others are expect to take part.

Currently a focal point for the boiler and renewable heating market is the new version of The Energy Related Products Directive (ErP) which is due to come into effect September 2015 placing more pressure on manufacturers in terms of the energy efficiency of their products. To make sure you are compliant with the new regulations, you can’t miss The ACR Show 2016.

The show will also be an event to showcase the latest heating products and services and will be an opportunity for industry professionals to meet, share ideas and gather information.


The ACR Show in 2016 will tackle key issues affecting the ventilation market as well as provide guidance and advice on legislative changes expected to take place in 2015.

This is undoubtedly the show to visit if you want to know more about complying with the Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive for commercial fans that comes into effect in January 2015 and will necessitate electrically driven fans to become even more energy efficient.

While this is a topical issue affecting all ventilation professionals, the show will also be a showcase for products and services and provide a ‘ventilation hub’ where you can network with peers and make contact with industry experts and professionals.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning brings together a number of sectors to create systems for cooling spaces from the small domestic to the large commercial and industrial. Ventilation, fans, coolers and humidification all generate products in their own right, and are each represented at the ACR Show, but it’s when they come together that they form the innovative air conditioning systems that will be the highlight of the show.

In the UK, air conditioning is at its best when it remains unnoticed. The average person is only aware of it when the air temperature is less than optimal, but with technological advances rapidly developing, especially in controllers, fine tuning for any eventuality is fast becoming a reality.

Legislation is playing its part in driving development towards ever increasing efficiencies as well as more environmentally-friendly refrigerants. Efficiencies can be gained from a variety of product areas, all of which will be on show – from low energy usage and variable load products, to preventative measures such as leak detection.

The number of refrigerants on the market is exploding with multiple variants for different applications, including replacements for banned refrigerants such as R22, and the new, less than one GWP varieties, and products are being developed to accommodate the new refrigerants.

In today’s climate, air conditioning is evolving quickly, and visitors to the show can keep up with legislation and working practices as well as the latest products and an insight into the future.