How to Get Rid of Pests in the Garage

The garage is often one of the favorite places of lots of pests. This is because it usually provides food, shelter, and favorable environmental conditions that these pests need for survival. However, harboring pests in your garage can lead to a plethora of problems. Therefore, you must get rid of pests in your garage by doing the following:


  • Traps

Various types of traps are available for getting rid of mice in a garage. The most popular ones include spring traps, sticky traps, and live traps. You have to bait the trap and set it in an area where the mice will pass.

  • Rodent bait

When it comes to how to get rid of mice in garage, rodent bait is a potent solution. Rodent bait is a poison that can kill mice. This bait works in form of an anticoagulant substance that makes the mice bleed internally. However, you must keep pets and kids away from your garage as this bait can be harmful to them.

  • Peppermint

This is a natural pest deterrent that can discourage the mice from going into your garage. Apart from getting rid of mice, peppermint can also add a nice odor to your garage.

  • Dog or cat

Cats and dogs are known to like killing mice. So, if you can put them inside your garage, they can play a key role in keeping the mice out of the area.


  • Fly swatter

If you are looking for how to get rid of flies in garage, you should start with using a fly swatter. With the aid of this tool, you can kill as many flies as you want within some minutes.

  • Flytraps

By setting fly traps once in a while inside your garage, you can get rid of most flies in the room. These traps usually come in two designs – flat surface fly traps and handing fly traps. Whatever design you choose, make sure you read the manual carefully before using it.

  • Residential safe pesticides

To deal with the unsightly flies inside your garage, just spray residential safe pesticides. As the name suggests, these pesticides are safe for use as they cannot harm you, your kids, or your pets.


  • Blocking entry points

Possums are nocturnal pests that will likely come into your home at night and leave before dawn. So, as long as how to get rid of a possum in your garage is concerned, you must block all entry points. This ensures that the animals cannot come into your garage at night.

You should also get rid of food that usually attracts them to your garage.

  • Traps

There are different types of possum traps that you can use to keep these animals away from your garage. Consider setting the trap in a place where the animal will likely pass when entering your garage. Afterward, find a place to relocate the possum.


  • Boiling water with or without bleach

Once you have located where the maggots are located, get boiling water and pour it on them. To be more effective, you can add a small quantity of bleach to the boiling water before pouring it on the maggots.

  • Aerosol spray

An aerosol spray is a potent solution that can get rid of maggots quickly and easily. As you are learning how to get rid of maggots in garage with an aerosol spray, don’t forget the safety procedure as the gases can be harmful. So, you should make sure your face is covered when using the spray.

With all the methods explained above, you should now be able to get rid of pests without much hassle.

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