How to Store Bikes in Garage

Storing your bikes in the garage is one of the most prominent ways to protect your bike.  It ensures that the bike is out of the reach of anyone in your living space. Resultantly, storing bikes in your garage prevents accidents that could damage your bike or injure your little ones or pets.

Given this, you need to learn how to store bikes in garage without exposing them to any danger. Below, we will explain the best way to store bikes in garage.

  • Floor racks

Floor racks are that special racks designed to keep your bike standing while they are not in use. These racks are capable of holding several bikes in place. Even some floor racks can be used for storing gloves, water bottles, helmets, ankle pads, and other items you need to ride a bike.

The most beautiful thing about a floor rack is that it doesn’t require any special technique to use. In addition, you don’t need to spend several minutes or hours assembling the rack.

With the help of a floor rack, your bike will be kept safe and still easily accessible. So, you should consider storing your bikes with floor racks in your garage.

  • Vertical bike rack

A vertical bike rack has an elaborate design like a floor rack. But it has to be nailed or screwed to the wall. Based on the design, you can adjust your vertical bike rack to suit the specific height of your bikes.

Most vertical bike racks come with sturdy construction that ensures that you can use them for storing your bikes for several years. A vertical bike rack can store different types of bikes such as road bikes and mountain bikes.

  • Ceiling-mounted bike storage

If you are not hanging any item in your ceiling, ceiling bike storage can come in handy for you. All you need is a ceiling-mounted bike lift that will hang your bikes in the ceiling. This storage has a pulley system that makes it easier for you to store or remove the bike whenever you want.

A typical ceiling-mounted bike lift can store as many as four bikes. So, it is a good storage option for the whole family. Besides, it can get the bikes out of the way; thereby, it is the best way to store bikes in a garage with small storage space.

  • Wall-mounted bike hooks

Whether you want to hold your bikes horizontally or vertically, you can take advantage of a wall-mounted bike hook. This storage option doesn’t require much space; hence, it is highly recommended for people with a small garage. Typically, a hook can only take one bike, but you can mount many hooks to the wall.

In addition to storing bikes, a wall-mounted bike hook can also hold your helmet, glove, and other biking gear. Even when you are not using a wall-mounted bike hook, you can easily flip it up to create additional space in the garage.

Based on the information above, you now have a perfect understanding of how to store bikes in the garage. Therefore, choose the best bike storage option that fits your particular needs and preferences.

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