Uses Of Garage Floor Paint Chips ?

If your garage doesn’t look so good the best way to do something about it is to paint the floor. Doing that will grant you a few important advantages. Not only that your garage will look very good, but the concrete will be well protected. If you like to work a lot in your garage then you will like to hear that garage floor paint will make it very easy for you to clean stains like oil, gasoline and so on. If the most important thing to you is how your garage looks then you will surely like to customize the looks of the paint. You can do that by using garage floor paint chips.

Color chips, they are also known as flakes, are designed to be used as a decoration for floor systems, wall systems and so on. The materials used to manufacture color chips are resin, filler, pigments and additives. They are randomly shaped and you can find them in a big variety of colors, helping you to get the desired look. You should also know that the standard way to sell them is in one pound bags. You can also choose the size of the color flakes, the most common sizes are: standard 1/4″, smaller then the standard size are 1/16″. I also like the idea of a random size. When you buy them all will have the size of 1″, but after you mix them the size will vary randomly. The smallest reaching a size of 1/32″ and the biggest will be 1″ obviously.

Depending on how you want to customize the look of the floor and how many color chips you want to use the following settings can be used: If you want to get an effect of a light sprinkle then you should use one bag on 250 square feet, for a medium sprinkle effect you should use 2 bags for 250 square feet, if you want a heavy sprinkle then 3 bags per 250 square feet should be good and for a full broadcast you need 25 bags for 250 square feet. This information is only for you to get an idea about how much one pound bags you would need for the setting you have in mind.

Nowadays not only that you can find almost any color chips, you can also find chips which change their color in the dark and glow or flakes which are sensitive to light. As you can see you have all the options you need to customize the look of your garage exactly the way you want it!

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