What Is The Best Garage Floor Paint For You?

It can sometimes be hard to choose the best garage floor paint. There are several types of garage floor paints. Some are good others are bad, but to be honest none of them can be chosen as the best. However you can still choose the best garage floor paint for you. While most of the paints have different qualities, one of them surely will suit your needs and will be close to the way you like it. The most common types of garage floor paints are oil based paints, Polyurethane, Latex and epoxy paints.

For all of these types of paint the preparation of the concrete is very important. As you might already know, it is very important that the concrete is in proper installation condition before any of these paints can be applied. Moisture, cracks, any types of stains, dust and other harmful things for the paint shouldn’t be there.

  • The worst type of paint you can choose from the four I mentioned earlier is the oil based paint. It has the shortest duration and it doesn’t give your garage such a good look like the other types would. It also peels of very easily and you would have to repaint pretty often. The only advantage this type of paint has is that it is cheap. So if you want a good paint for your garage floor you shouldn’t choose this one only if you really like repainting your garage floor.
  • Epoxy paint can be a good choice, it also is the most popular type of paint used for garage floors. However you shouldn’t use epoxy painting if your garage floor is exposed to a lot of sunlight, it will eventually lose its gloss and finally it will slowly turn yellow.
  • Polyurethane also is a type of paint that can be very good for your garage floor. It can be considered slightly better than epoxy paint because it has a better resistance to stains. It is also better because it doesn’t lose its gloss that easily or turn yellow like the epoxy paint does.
  • Latex is a good choice if you want your paint job to be cheap overall. The dry time for Latex paint is longer then the types of paint I mentioned, which isn’t that bad. The bad part is that you have to use a protective covering, because its finish might get ruined if you don’t and it also shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight.

Depending on your needs any of these paints can be a marvelous choice for your garage floor, except the oil based paint. If you want a long lasting and good looking paint you should carefully pick the right paint for you!

1. Rustoleum Garage Floor Paint

Rustoleum is a company that is specialized in coatings and paint jobs. You can find almost anything you need. If you’re interested in garage floor paint you can easily find a product for you. Rustoleum sells a lot of brands which are available in quite a few colors. You can find brands such as: American Accents, Aqua, Auto, Concrete Stain, Epoxy Shield, Marine Coatings, Painter’s Touch and Road Warrior. All these brands come in the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, white, gray, black and purple.

For your garage floor, Rustoleum has all the products you need. You don’t have to search in other places to get everything you need for your garage floor, if you want to apply garage floor painting. Rustoleum has everything you need to remove stains from the concrete, to repair concrete cracks and any other preparation kits you might need for your garage floor.

The paint that you can buy from Rustoleum is excellent for garage floors but it can also be used for carports, driveways, basements, porches, walkways and pool decks. The quantity of the paint you get when you buy this product is 1 gallon. With this product, Rustoleum offers interior and exterior durability, a product which is resistant to hot tires and chemicals, and it also is resistant to the weather and UV. This product will be very easy to clean, and you only need water and soap.

When you apply this paint you shouldn’t thin it and it should be installed at a air temperature of 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity in the garage shouldn’t be over 85%. An additive can be mixed with the paint so that the floor won’t be too slippery. After you apply the paint you should wait for at least 16-24 hours before someone walks into the garage. Before the vehicle can be brought back into the garage you should wait for about seven days to make sure that the paint has dried off completely and that your vehicle won’t do any damage to it. If you live in a colder climate, the paint will dry off earlier, but you still should wait a couple of days.

So if you think about painting your garage floor, Rustoleum can offer you a wide range of quality products!

2. Behr Garage Floor Paint

Behr is a company which has been specialized in paints for a long time. They have a large line of products nowadays and it has become a very successful company. You can choose between a big variety of exterior and interior products. The types of products, which are designed for the interior are: paints, primers, decorative finishes, wood floor coating, concrete floor coating, cleaners and conditioners. The types of products, which are good for the exterior are: paints, primers, wood stains, clear finishes, wood waterproofers, concrete and masonry waterproofers, wood floor coatings, concrete floor coatings, cleaners, conditioners and removers. As you can see there are few lines of products which have products for the interior as well as for the exterior.

If you are looking for paint for your garage floor, Behr might be a good choice for you. There is a paint that Behr specially manufactures for concrete. It can be used for any concrete which doesn’t have moisture or water leaks. Behr also recommends that the concrete should be curing for at least 30 days if repairing and cleaning was needed. The best result that this paint offers is for untreated surfaces. If you want to repaint concrete with this paint, good results won’t be guaranteed. If you want to repaint, you do it at your own risk.

This paint should not be thinned and it should be well stirred before the application. It also should have proper ventilation. The paint shouldn’t be applied if the temperature of the air is lower than 50 or higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to achieve good results you should apply 2 coatings of paint. If you see any leaks after the 2 coatings have been applied, you should apply more paint to these spots.

A coating of paint will dry in about 4 hours, which means that the second coating can be applied only after 4 hours. The time when you can be sure that it has completely dried off is somewhere between 7 and 14 days. It can be very easily cleaned with water and soap. You also get a warranty for 10 years for this product from Behr.

3. Sherwin Williams Garage Floor Paint?

Sherwin Williams has been an expert in garage floor paint for a few years now. They have a big line of products, basically all of them are paint, but there are also other products required for preparation of the surface that will be painted. They have specially designed paints for almost anything in your home. The large line of products consists in interior and exterior products. The types of interior and exterior products are: paints, primers, Faux finishing and stains.

You can choose between lots of types of paints that are suitable for the interior of your home. The products are: Duration Home Interior Latex, Superpaint Interior Latex, Harmony Interior Latex, Cashmere Interior Latex, Classic 99 Interior Latex, Visible Solutions Ceiling Paint, Bath Paint, Proclassic Alkyd, Proclassic Waterborne Interior Latex, Porch & Floor Enamel, High Performance Floor Enamel, All Surface Enamel Latex & Alkyd, Style Perfect Interior Latex, Coloraccents and E-Barrier Reflective Coating.

The best paint for your garage floor, from the products that were mentioned above, would be the High Performance Floor Enamel. This product is perfect for interior wood or concrete floors, it will ad a very good looking color to your floor. It was meant for areas where a lot of people or even vehicles move around very much. This product can easily resist to substances like gasoline, oil, anti freeze, transmission fluid, brake fluid and other chemicals. That means this product would be perfect for you if you like working on your vehicle. You can also choose from a variety of 1000 colors, which is very impressing. It is very easy to apply, you can apply it using a brush or a roller. To clean the floor, after you applied the paint, you just need to use soap and water, which will make the cleaning process very easy.

You should know that before you apply this paint on your garage floor, it is strongly recommended that you properly check your concrete for anything that may cause problems with the paint. When you have removed all the things that could cause an inconvenience with the paint, you can safely apply it. Then, you should wait for at least a full day until you go back into the garage. As for your vehicle, you should let the paint dry for a few days, depending on the climate of the area you live in.

Learn how To Paint Your Garage Floor

If you decide to paint your garage floor, this article will help you on a few details. Painting it is in some cases harder then you would expect. There are several things that you should be very careful about or else you will have to repaint the floor pretty often. The type of the paint is also very important. Latex, Polyurethane and epoxy are one of the best paints out there.

Before you start, it is strongly recommended that you check the concrete for a few problems it might have, which might interfere with the painting process. First of all, you should check your concrete for moisture. If your concrete has moisture, you should remove it first. The next step you should take is to find out how well the concrete absorbs water or if it absorbs water at all. If the water is still there, even after a long time, this means that your concrete is sealed. You should know that paint doesn’t work with a sealed concrete. So that has to go away too.

If you have stains like oil, gasoline or other chemicals on your concrete, they should be cleaned also. It is very important that the concrete is properly cleaned. Uneven spots on the floor could also be a problem. Even worse than that are the cracks. After you’re done with these steps, you should clean the concrete again until it is spotless.

Some of the paints will require an adhesive. And even if they don’t, you might want to try using an adhesive. It could be very helpful, because the paint will bond much better with the concrete this way. After you apply it you should wait for a couple of hours before painting. Painting will be the easiest part of it all, because all you have to do is to get a roller and paint. In some cases you might want to apply a second coating of paint. If you want to do that, you should wait for at least 4 hours after you applied the first coating.

The only thing left to do is wait until the paint has completely dried. Depending on the climate it will take quite a while until you can store your vehicle again in your garage. You should wait for that for at least a week to be sure. And now that you know everything you need to, go and start painting!


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